Critical Factors Of does weed make you stupid – An Update

A new study is definitively answering one of the world important questions, does weed make you dumb and finally. Throughout time, stoners are portrayed as the dumb children in the class those are not sharpest tools in the shed or the brightest lightbulbs. Based on a large study conducted on UK teenagers, the opinion that cannabis caused users to become idiotic is pure Hollywood fiction. Becoming high WOn’t make you that stoner guy. We have all heard the stories that cannabis makes you stupid, but two new studies on young people indicate that smoking bud has little impact on general intelligence or IQ.

A 2012 study in the Duke University has led us to consider that smoking bud can be detrimental to the wisdom of young people. This is especially common during adolescent development, i.e., during the teen years and into early adulthood, with the study concluding that marijuana use leads to:

does weed make you dumb

Specialists have not linked long-term cannabis to long-term structural changes in the does weed make you stupid. But pot’s effects on the brain can build up over time. As well as potential decreases over time, potheads are at higher risk of changing serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the mind, growing schizophrenia and/or mood disorders. Although no official evidence exist linking brain deterioration to bud use that was chronic, potheads have self reported critical life skills to worsen as time passes.

The reply to the question does marijuana make you stupid is more complex than might seem. Animal studies indicate that weed is just not always great for the brain. Rats exposed to grass’s active ingredient experience brain changes and cognitive impairment. And short term studies with human subjects certainly point to impacts on learning, memory and focus even after an user has sobered up. One study found that day-to-day marijuana users did more poorly on tests of attention and executive function the month than individuals who had smoked weed only once .

Of the group, nearly a quarter of them reported using weed one or more times. While the cannabis drug users did, in reality, have lower IQs at the age of 15 than their drug free counterparts, the team reasoned cannabis alone did not cause their IQs to fall. These findings therefore indicate the question of does weed make you stupid is baseless.

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